PHV Driver Abused & Assaulted by Passengers!

A Facebook user posted an incident whereby a PHV – Private Hire Vehicle driver was attacked an unknown parties of 2 males and 1 female on 9 February 2020 at about 1.00am, after one passenger vomited in the car..

When the PHV driver told the passengers there will be cleaning charges, the passengers then started to hurl vulgarities and even assaulted the driver, and subsequently the in-car camera was taken away from the said vehicle by the assailants..

A police report was lodged and currently under police investigation, more details in the police report screenshots below.

Anyone with any information may contact us via our Contact Form.

*Note: All identities are masked to protect the privacy of all parties.

The rear seats are filled the vomits after the incident..

Below is the original text extract from the post:

A private hire driver received a grab booking to one destination from 74 Prinsep St to 866 Jurong West St 81, booking ADR- 32991257-9-542 to pick up one female and two male passengers at 0040hrs. Driver was attacked by a male and a female, and the car camera was taken away by the female passenger. Driver has made a police report. Anyone witnessed this incident happening, kindly pm me. Worried evidence is being destroyed. Please help to share.

Below are the screenshots of the police report lodged:

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