Motorcycle Riding On Walkway & Beats Traffic Red Light

A member of “COMPLAINT SINGAPORE” sent us a video of an unknown motorcycle, first started riding on a pedestrian walkway illegally, it then exited and joined the main road abruptly..

The motorcycle then eventually beats a traffic red light, narrowing missing a pedestrian crossing the road at that moment. Unfortunately, the video is unable to capture clearly of the vehicle license plate of the errant rider.

The incident happens at Circuit Road vicinity.

Source: John O. (*full name is masked to privacy concerns)

It seems to be a rising trend nowadays that many errant motorcyclists are riding illegally on pedestrian walkway, ignoring traffic lights or directional signs, and avoiding parking payments etc.

Maybe it’s a good time for authority to increase preventive enforcement.

Under the Road Traffic Act, by not stopping at a red light, is an offence with 12 demerit points, and carries a fines of S$400 for light vehicles; while riding without due care or reasonable consideration for other road users, may be punishable by a fine of either S$300 or S$400, and 8 or 9 demerit points.

Source: CNA

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