Searching For Car Which Failed To Pay For Petrol

UPDATE (7 Oct 2020): Original post author informed Shell will be officially investigating this incident. The author hopes everyone can refrain from contacting the mentioned pump attendant to avoid any disturbance to his daily work.

A Facebook user posted an incident on her person Facebook page, about of a Singapore-registered black colour Lexus car with car plate number – SKP 338 P, which did not make payment after filling up petrol at a Shell Petrol Station near Bukit Timah Food Centre.

According to the petrol pump attendant – Uncle XXXX, informed that the Lexus driver had swiped his Shell card for payment at the pump machine after filling-up, however, for some unknown reasons, the payment did not get through. As there is no way to trace the driver, the petrol station company decided to deduct the unpaid amount of S$133.80 from Uncle XXXX‘s salary.

(Note: Full name is masked for privacy concerns)

A check on OneMotoring website found the given car plate number to have “NO RECORD FOUND

However, upon a quick check on OneMotoring website by LTA – Land Transport Authority (Singapore) shows a “NO RECORD FOUND” result for the involving vehicle SKP 338 P.

The incident happened on 21 September 2020, at about 6pm.
According to Uncle Ivan, the said Lexus driver is a medium-built Chinese man, in his early 40s, and wearing glasses.

Below is the original Facebook post screenshot:
(Note: Full name is masked for privacy concerns)

Here is the original text extract from the said Facebook post:

Friends, need help here. I went to top up petrol at the Shell stn in front of Bt Timah Food Ctr this evening. Saw the pump attendant sitting outside the kiosk looking dejected. Waved to him and asked if he had taken his dinner. He told me he just took biscuits. Then he showed me this piece of cardboard which had a car licence plate number, $133.80 and the words”Run Away No Pay” written on it.

Uncle Ivan (name of attendant ) told me the company deducted the amount from his salary as the driver didn’t pay for the petrol. Apparently the driver had swiped his Shell card at the pump and Uncle Ivan didn’t check as he was chatting with the driver.

Wld like to give the driver the benefit of the doubt that he may not be aware of the situation. His Shell card could be faulty or had expired. Or it could be because he didn’t swipe it properly. Anyway, the transaction didn’t go through and Uncle Ivan had to bear the cost.

This amount meant a lot to Uncle Ivan. He told his son about the incident too. Am hoping this message reaches the driver of the Black Lexus with the car plate number SKP338P to get in touch with Uncle Ivan. According to him, the driver was a Chinese man of medium built in his early 40s wearing glasses. The incident happened on 21 Sept at around 6pm.

Pls share this message and help to look out for this driver and pass the message to him. Be kind and do not harass him as it is not my intention to go on a witch hunt. Just to let him know so he can get in touch with Uncle Ivan. Thanks everyone!

Anyone with any information of the said vehicle or driver, can drop us a message HERE.

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