SME5901L​ Honda Fit Hybrid Car Abruptly Changed Lane And Nearly Caused An Accident

A member of our “COMPLAINT SINGAPORE” Facebook group had sent us a video showing a reckless driving by SME 5901 L – a Honda Fit Hybrid car, which on 31 Jan 2021 at about 3:15pm, along Balestier Road, towards Thomson Road .

Source: T. S. (*full name is masked for privacy concern)

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According to the in-camera driver, which is the complainant, the said Honda Fit Hybrid car, despite signaled to turn right, abruptly changed lane (to the left) from the extreme right to the middle lane, and nearly caused an accident.

Not only that, as reported by the complainant, the front passenger of the Honda Fit Hybrid even had the audacity to show the middle finger, despite being wrong.

Under the revised Singapore’s Road Traffic Act (RTA), those found guilty of dangerous driving could face a maximum jail term of eight years for the first offence, up from the corresponding current penalty of five years.

Offenders will also face a minimum sentence of at least a year, if death or grievous hurt is caused. The jail sentence will be doubled for repeat offenders.

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