Scam Alert: Live Posts Of Celebrity & Politician On Social Media

Recently, there is a surge of LIVE posts on social media (eg. Facebook etc) featuring past videos of famous Singapore celebrities and politicians, using them as a phishing method to steal personal information from social media users.

These LIVE video scams normally features old videos of well-known Singapore celebrities and politicians such as the married star couple – Fann Wong and Christopher Lee; talented singer – JJ Lin (Wayne Lim Junjie); and even Singapore’s Prime Minister – Mr Lee Hsien Loong.

Not only that, most of these LIVE videos will feature simple in-video tasks or games, promising a gift or cash reward to lure innocent participants.

Many unsuspecting social media users will then participate by replying to them directly, which will lead to phishing of various important personal information, for illegal activisites etc.

LIVE Videos featuring past videos of celebrities and politicians as baits to scam unsuspecting users

If you happen to see similar method of LIVE posts on social media, do report it to the respective social media support immediately, as such LIVE posts only lasted for a short period of time.

Once the video ended, it will immediately be unavailable or even removed by the source, and therefore difficult to detect or investigate in most cases.

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