Principal Responded To Video Of Catholic High School Students Fighting In Toilet

After reporting on our “COMPLAINT SINGAPORE” Facebook group on a group of Catholic High School students spotted cheering for 2 boys “playing” (or fighting) in a male toilet, from an uploaded video online.

Various local press & media in Singapore picked up the news, and quickly contacted the school principal for a response.

Quoting from Mothership:

“Catholic High School principal Poh Chun Leck said in response to media queries:

We are aware of the video circulating online on social media platforms of our students. The school takes a serious view of such behaviour and the students will be disciplined. We have counselled the students, who have since expressed remorse for their actions. We have also engaged their parents, and will continue to work closely with them to guide their teenagers.”

Hopefully, the said school will continue to monitor and deter such practices, and the involving students will be counselled. Any forms of violence should never be encouraged.

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