Cyclist Beats Pedestrian Crossing Red Light Signal At Yishun Ring Road & Pointed Rude Sign!

An anonymous member of our “COMPLAINT SINGAPOREFacebook group sent us a video showing a dangerous and ignorant cyclist putting his own life at risk by cycling across a pedestrian junction, along Yishun Ring Road on 9 March 2021 at about 2.52pm, even though the traffic signal light is red.

The member who was the in-camera driver almost collided into the said cyclist.

However, despite giving way, the cyclist even got the audacity¬†to show the driver the “middle finger” (a vulgar hand sign), before riding off..

The member opined whenever motor vehicles failed to conform to traffic red light signal (or break any traffic rules), they get fined; but when cyclists violates any traffic rule, often than not, they get away scot free easily.

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