Man Found A Piece Of Plastic Inside A Cheeseburger From McDonald’s!

A member of our “COMPLAINT SINGAPOREFacebook group who would like to stay anonymous, sent us a video and some images showing that he found a piece of plastic inside a cheeseburger ordered from McDonald’s at Jurong Green Community Club, along Jurong West Ave 1.

Source: MF (*named is masked for privacy concern)

The mentioned cheeseburger was purchased on 10 March 2021 at 9.15pm.

In the video provided, it was observed that the mentioned piece of plastic is of a considerable size, and if it was consumed accidentally, may result in severe throat injury or other medical conditions.

According to the complainant, he would like to caution others to check their food before dining.
He also informed that the piece of plastic looks like a sort of cheese wrapper.

Case was already reported to the relevant agency in Singapore for investigation.

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