Woman Found Fingernail In Nasi Lemak!

A member of our “COMPLAINT SINGAPORE” Facebook group posted a bad experience she had today – 17 March 2021, from ordering nasi lemak from a food operator in Singapore, and the order was delivered by a well-known delivery service in Singapore.

*Note: All identities are masked for privacy concerns.

In her post, which had since being removed by her, the said member wrote:

“The most disgusting thing ever. Finger nail inside food and yer the reply is ridiculous.”

It seems that she has been communicating with customer service from the 3rd party delivery company, and the said customer service officer did not really handled the situation well, and unable to provide a satisfactory remedy in regards to the foreign object found in her food.

As such, the member had no choice, but to bring up this case to our Facebook group.

Within hours after the said member had posted her complaint, someone from the said food operator replied to her complaint directly in our “COMPLAINT SINGAPOREFacebook group.

In the reply, the representative informed they are sorry that such incident had happened to the said member, and indicated they will be conducting an investigation over the matter.

The representative also provided their contact number and email address in the said comment post, in order for our member to contact them for further follow-up.

We will be updating the case if we receive new information about the case.

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