Faulty Singapore Money?

Someone recently posted a photograph online showing the inner silver colour round piece of a S$1 coin pop-up from the coin itself..

From the look of it, it doesn’t seems to be an act of mischief, as the edge of the said coin looks pretty “clean” and “untouched” by any tool..

Before our local monetary authority comes out with any conclusion about this post, let’s us have a view of various “faulty” Singapore currency online..


A year “1967” 20-cent coin had a casting error due to a suspected wrong material use..


Source: The Straits Times

Sometimes, a type mistake can also be found on printed notes too.

Such as this S$2 note commemorating note..


Printing errors are among the common error in printing paper notes..

Some of these error notes can fetch thousands of dollars from serious collectors


A wrongly cut Singapore S$50 dollar note..

So do you have a rare “faulty or error” money note or coin hiding somewhere at home.. don’t wait, dig it up and get it valuated soon 🙂

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