Eating On Public Transports Getting Common?

We managed to compile a small collections of people eating on various public transport from our ever-popular Facebook Group – Complaint Singapore !!

Seems like it’s getting more common for people to eat and drink on our public transports such as buses, MRT and even Taxis + PHVs…

Source: SMRT Website

According to the website of SMRT, it is an offense to eat or drink in MRT trains or its stations.

It is worth mentioning that even drinking plain water is not allowed too, do you know that?

Source: SBS Transit

According to the website of SBS Transit, based on their published rules and conditions, while on the bus, it stated: “Do not smoke, eat, drink or litter in the bus.”, although it does not mention if the said acts are illegal or subjected to any monetary fines etc. However as the licensed operator of the public bus service, they can refused to let any violators to board the bus or even ask them to alight without compensation etc.

More errant commuters..

Some even acted violently when confronted..

Others became viral too..

Let’s be considerate and try not to eat or drink onboard of any public transport..

Together, we can move towards to create a more gracious society…!

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