Fraud SMS Camouflage As Your Bank’s Mobile Number ?

An anonymous complaint was posted online about someone receiving a fraud SMS from her Singapore bank’s mobile number (or SMS name), informing her that her account is blocked and requires her to click a link and follow the instruction received.

Due to that, an amount of S$4000 was transferred to an unknown bank account in Singapore, as claimed by the complainant. The case is currently under investigation by the local bank.

Based on the screen shots provided, previous verified transactions with the said bank is clearly visible, which means the said sender’s mobile number (or SMS name) is indeed the said bank’s official contact.

However, the next SMS (from the same mobile number or SMS name) shows a fraud SMS informing of the account being blocked and a external link was provided to click on..

The victim subsequently reported to the said local bank, and was informed by the staff that this was the 1st time such incident happened, and it will take roughly take 1 to 2 weeks for the investigation.

The said bank then posted online informing their clients and warning them to be careful of such “phishing’ incident, especially those SMS sent from a mobile number or SMS name which resemblance to their’s.

So is this a case of pure coincidence?
SMS system glitch?
or a case of compromise of bank’s SMS system?

Stay tune for more update!

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