Discrimination Against Handicap by Bus Driver?

A wheelchair-bound complainant posted her unhappiness on Facebook, in regards to her ride on a 858 SMRT public bus recently.

According to her, the said bus driver, when lowering the wheelchair ramp kept questioning her why she never take the 911 bus before his bus arrived.. as both buses are heading the same directions too.

Due to that, the complainant felt humiliated by the substandard treatment by the said bus driver, and even wrote to local newspaper and media agency, including SMRT as well..

Below is the content of the email sent to SMRT, and the prompt response by their Customer Relations as well, informing the complainant that they will be looking into the matter.

According to the complainant, this is the type of bus 858 she took.

Source: Online
Screen grab of the content of replying email by SMRT
Reply by the complainant, in response to the reply by SMRT

Mixed response from the Facebook comments in regards to the complaint..

Source: Facebook page of complainant

What do you think?

Is this truly a case of discrimination or just a simple case of miscommunication?

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