Poor Customer Service at Foreign Embassy Based in Singapore?

A member of our Facebook Group – Complaint Singapore posted his unhappiness in regards to a particular foreign embassy based in Singapore.

According to him, not only the customer service rendered was utterly poor, the counter staff was rude and even shouted at him when he posed some questions.

Source: Complaint Singapore (Facebook Group)

According to the review rating on Google on the said embassy, it got an overall rating of 2.1 only, out of 63 reviews online.

Source: Google

A quick view on some of the online reviews submitted revealed lots of serious service lapses by various individuals..

Even some “unconfirmed” allegations too.

Some “payment charging issues” relating to some notarization services in this embassy!

Non-English speaking embassy officials in Singapore, really?

Also, allegations of “payment charging issues” too.. including bad and rude attitudes too.

More complaints..

Some comments generated from the said post on our Facebook group too..

Now this is really unacceptable in Singapore, if indeed true.

The said foreign embassy should improve its standards of customer service, as they are serving majority of its own citizens after all.. Right?

Do you know any other foreign embassies in Singapore having similar lapses in their customer services too?

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