Lingering Danger for Pets

An anonymous complainant wrote to us via our Complaint Singapore‘s Online Complaint Submission Form, and shared an incident posted online about a hidden danger lingering on unknown meats on the street, with needles embedded inside.. which may cause serious harm to pets!

Original Post Here:
“After a recent scare involving hidden needles embedded in Australian strawberrries, I thought the incident had blown over. However, I came across a Facebook post recently which suggested something more sinister . It seems to have inspired some sicko out there to try a similar trick on pets.

According to the post, a lady was walking her dog when they chanced upon a piece of meat on a kerb which had a sewing needle embedded inside. Imagine the damage it would have caused if the innocent dog had unknowingly swallowed the needle. This disgusting act reminded me of the times when the newspapers splashed news of all the cat murders in Yishun.

My take is that the government should make more stringent laws to deter such abuses. However I know that talk is cheap as enforcement will be nearly impossible. At the end of the day, just like how our parents took care of us when we were kids, I guess pet owners have to be the first line of defence against such psychos. “

Below is a screenshot of the original Facebook post about the incident:

Original Post from Facebook

Pet owners, whether the incident is real or not, better to be safe than sorry..

Always check before letting your hairy mate chews on any unknown treats!

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