Foreigners VS Foreigners in Botanic Garden, Singapore

An online complaint was posted via Facebook, asking people to share and look out for a male foreigner who had assaulted complainant’s friend about 2 weeks ago at Casa Verde restaurant, located in Botanic Garden, Singapore.

Although police was activated on the said day, the assailant left the scene before police arrival..


This is the 1st post by the complainant:

This is an extract from the 2nd post from the complainant:

I am trying to identify this young man who assaulted someone I know. Here is a video of him after he had hurled plates at people (literally) and causing bodily injury. You can hear him say ‘we chopped the table, we chopped the table. they are taking advantage of me because I am a foreigner’.
PLEASE.. a quarter of our population in Singapore are foreigners. We have no time nor energy to bother ‘taking advantage’ of any foreigners or making notes that anyone is a foreigner. 
It is people like this guy that gives foreigners a bad name.


Complaint Singapore will not be uploading the video due to privacy of other parties in the video.

For viewers who are interested, you may follow the owner’s post at:


Here are some comments in regards to the said post and video:


Is Singapore getting too crowded now?

Are we safe from these lurking danger and harassment by these people in the future?


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