Unreasonable Grab Driver?

A member of Complaint Singapore Facebook group posted this complaint in regards to a rude Grab driver who reprimanded her for being late (within the 5 minutes grace period), despite her apologizing several times when boarded the Grab car.

She then shared how the said Grab driver almost hit a e-scooter rider as he failed to slow down his vehicle..

Below is her actual Facebook post sharing the bad experience:

Source: Complaint Singapore (Facebook Group)


Below is the original post in Complaint Singapore Facebook Group:

First, I have to apologise that it is my fault for making the driver wait at the pick up point. It took me 3 minutes to get on the car.

I apologised in the grab messenger that I need a few more minutes.

Immediately after I opened the door, I apologised again before sitting down.

Driver responded with a very bad attitude, “Please don’t book your grab when you cannot make it on time.”

Once again, I apologised sincerely for making him wait. Then he retorted in a very nasty tone, “讲 sorry 没有用。这边不可以停,你讲sorry 我等一下还是中200块summon.” (You say sorry no use, here cannot wait, you say sorry i also will kena $200 summon.)

Wow, this is my first time encountering such a rude driver after taking grab for sooooo many times and soooo many years. And also my first time alighting a grab car without saying “thank you” 

Isn’t the waiting policy limited to 5 minutes? I got in within 3-4minutes, apologised sincerely 3 times and the driver had to response with such a bad attitude? If many pick up places cannot wait, please do not have such a policy. If driver could not wait, why risk the penalty instead of cancelling me…. seriously….

There were a few times I made drivers waited (not longer than 4 minutes), every time I will apologise as most of the times I was rushing (other wise I will always wait for drivers) they will tell me nicely that this area or that area by right cannot wait so next time book only when you are there.

Next, while exiting woodlands highway (i think??) towards choa chu kang, instead of slowing down when zebra crossing is near, he almost knock onto an e-scooter rider. Thank goodness the e-scooter stopped and waited (and honked). What a dangerous driver!!

To make it a joke, I even accidentally rated him 5 stars because it’s my habit to rate drivers 5 stars and then close my app.

3 years ago, I had a hit and run minor accident that knocked me down unconscious by a private hired driver. I remembered subconsciously someone came down from the car, moved me to one side before driving away and then next was other people who came to attend to me before i went completely unconscious. I wrote to uber and grab for help. Uber replied me that they were unable to trace.. while Grab sent me a feedback form to rate their customer service when they did not even reply my email at all. Being forgiving, I still continue to use their services etc as I do not believe in stereotyping the whole service because of some black sheeps.

Sighh, this ended my night very badly.


Below is a screenshot by the complainant showing her communication with the Grab driver:

Source: Complaint Singapore (Facebook Group)


Some immediate comments for the post:

Source: Complaint Singapore (Facebook Group)
Source: Complaint Singapore (Facebook Group)


Is this a case of rude Grab driver or a matter of being punctual as a rider?

Have you experience rude and unreasonable Grab or other PHV drivers before?

Share it with us 🙂

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