Double Standard for Town Council?

Someone wrote in Facebook about him being offended by a notice sent by his Town Council, to remove all his plants placed outside his HDB unit..

At the same time, he also noted that his neighbour who had breached multiple regulations, was only given an unofficial reminder to tidy up his area instead.

This is the actual Facebook post screenshot:

This is the original Facebook post:

I’m offended by how our government agencies function these days. I received an official infringement notice to have all my plants outside my unit removed, while they sent my neighbor a unofficial reminder to tidy up his area even though he has breached multiple regulations. Can someone advise how is this so? 😤 Tampines Greenwood (For Residents) Singapore Tampines Town Council


Comments from the post are mainly supportive to the author:


Is there a double standard in which the said Town Council had acted differently for various parties?

Or is it a clear case of encroaching of corridor space by the said author?

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