Be Careful What You Post..

Recently, a member of our Complaint Singapore Facebook group posted his situation where he posted a comment in a local news agency in Singapore.

According to him, he was commenting on a recent case whereby a teenager dubbed “Egg Boy” threw an egg at an Australian politician who blamed Muslim immigration for the Christchurch terror attack, read more HERE .

A video of the said incident was uploaded in YouTube.


Somehow, the said comment he made, was taken seriously by the authority, and he subsequently received a “Message from the Police” at his residential home, and was invited to Ang Mo Kio Police Station for an interview, pending updates..

Complaint Singapore would like to strongly advise all our members to be careful and responsible for any posts or comments made online, whether in our group or via other social media channels etc.


Source: Complaint Singapore Facebook Group


Complaint Singapore does not condone to any violent or discriminating act against anyone or entity etc, and anyone from submitting any posts or comments that may promote, incite or draws negative or adverse political, religious, race and social views or responses etc.

Any violations may result in removal of the said post and comment without prior notice.
Repeat violators will be banned permanently.


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