Missing Driver After An Accident

A lady complained about a Malay man who after the accident failed to lodged an accident report within 24 hours, and his insurance company refused to cover the cost of repairs etc.

According to the complaint, the man had gone missing…

The complainant would like to seek help from everyone in locating the man, and at the same time give advises to everyone when an accident occurred.


Below are the photographs posted for the damages of both vehicles:


Here is the actual complaint post:


The text extract of the actual post as follow:

This guy, Nadiy XXX XXX XXXX, hit my car in December 2018, promised to pay for the damages and conveniently disappeared after nearly 4 months of buying himself time, coming up with all sorts of excuses. He is now not answering my calls, not returning my texts. Just vanished. His insurance company didn’t want to cover the damages because he didn’t make a report within 24 hours and the $11,000 repair bill quoted by eurokars was denied by his insurer because he did not make the report. And to make it worse, his car was a rented car. My baby and young Nephew was in the car when it happened and he showed no remorse. Because of what his negligence, I am expected to bear the consequences. His last address is in Marine Drive. If anyone knows how he can be found, kindly contact me. He claims to work for SCDF.

The learnings of this. 
1. If you get into any car accident, make sure you make a police report immediately. I think it also makes sense to find out who his insurance company is and report it in case he doesn’t like this fellow. 
2. If you don’t want the hassle of having to chase for the settlement, let insurance handle everything. 
3. If you are inexperienced in handling accidents, call a Friend to come down to help so you won’t be intimidated to commit to any decisions. 
4. Don’t trust people too easily!!

Do not get bullied by people like this who committed a mistake and behaves like we owe them. 


A snapshot of the Malay man ‘s Singapore Driving License as follow:
*Photograph, full name and other information are duly-censored to protect the privacy of all parties..


What should have been done in such situations?

Is there any other remedy that the complainant can take now?


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