Lost Parcel by SingPost

SingPost has done it again.. this time round, they lost complainant’s parcel from Australia..!!

An angry Facebook user wrote a lengthy post in which he was unhappy about their poor customer service, when told by SingPost staff that they can only compensate the seller (sender) of the lost parcel, despite the complainant (buyer) already paid for the said parcel..

Source: SingPost – Celebrating 150 Years of Postal Service in Singapore

After appealing to several SingPost departments, the complainant finally got a “One-Time Exception” by one of the staff, but was told that they can only compensate the amount up to S$150 only (the actual cost of the parcel is about AUD$155.57) !!

Below is the original Facebook post:


Here is the SingPost tracking records submitted by the complainant:


Below is the original text extract of the post for easy reading:

I’m writing this post to call out Singapore Post and how absolutely disgraceful, dishonest this company operates.

On 10th April 2019, I bought a parcel from Australia which cost me AUD$1551.57. The seller shipped my parcel on 30thth April 2019 and it arrived in Singapore and at Singapore Post on 2nd of May 2019 @ 6.38am. On the very same day @ 12.04pm, I checked Singapost Tracking and the status stated “Unsuccessful Delivery. Identification document not ready”. Puzzled, I contacted the live chat and they told me that it was a mishap on their end and no attempted delivery was made. I was told to wait 3 days to get an update from them. 3 days passed, and I received no news. I had to call them again and was told to wait another 2 days. 4 days passed, and I received no news AGAIN. I called them to receive my own update and they requested me to call the seller to ask for compensation

The person I was talking to, Mr. Shachi Gaur, told me that the item was lost at the processing facility. When I asked for a full compensation of AUD$1551.57, they told me that they were unable to do that as their standard procedure was to compensate the seller. Mind you, the seller has received the money and it makes absolutely no sense for Singapore Post to give him more money and leave me empty-handed. After an exchange of heated argument, I was told to wait until the end of the day to receive a call from the Manager who will be able to answer all my doubts and questions. No call was attempted. 
The next day, the supervisor of the social media team (LOL) called me and gave me the information I already know (that my parcel was declared lost and there was nothing they will do). So I had to re-have an argument I already had the day before with this fella and at the end, he tells me to wait until the end of the day for a manager callback (LOL again). The call came the next day and it was yet another supervisor, Mr. Suvam Chatterjee. The conversation was exactly the same as the day before and I’m growing more impatient. He tells me that an investigation is ongoing and he would call me again once there was an update.

The call came and not much was uncovered. He then tells me that they will do a one-time exception where they would compensate the recipient, aka me and require the invoice of the parcel and any relevant documents. I sent my documents, expecting a full reimbursement by them. All along, I kept asking for a full reimbursement and when they finally decide to “Make an exception”, it was only right that they reimburse me the full amount. However, on 27th May 2019, Singpost calls me and tell me that a maximum of $150 will be reimbursed. What utter rubbish. I ordered my parcel > the seller fulfilled the order on his end > Australian Post delivered the parcel from Australia to Singapore with no issue > Singapore Post lost my parcel. And yet, Singapore Post is doing the bare minimum and only compensating me less than 10% of the original price when it is clearly Singapore Post fault. This is daylight robbery and I am utterly disappointed. I’m currently trying to escalate the situation to get my full reimbursement and shed some light on how horrible Singapore Post is. For a delivery Service, they are extremely incompetent. I know many people who constantly complain of them losing their parcel. This has to stop.

Source: SingPost – Postman on Bicycles

Yet another failed case by SingPost…

Is the Authority going to do anything about it yet?

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