Swimming Instructor Cheats in Singapore

A member of our Complaint Singapore Facebook group shared this post to raise awareness about an uncertified swimming instructor (or coach) going around different clubs and schools in Singapore to cheat!

According to the post, the case was reported to Singapore Police Force for investigation, and was even reported in local Chinese newspaper recently to warn others of such scam..

Below is the original post in our Facebook group:


Here are some updates in relating to the same person:


Here are some close-up of the local news article..


Below is a detailed story by the complainant (in another Facebook page):

25 year old ex national, female swimming coach Amanda Victoria Toh, a partner and coach from Penguin Aquatics has taken $420 (7 lessons worth) and not shown up for her lessons.

We were introduced by a friend in the sports industry and engaged her as a private coach for my child at relatives’ condo. From December 2018 till March 2019, Amanda only turned up 5 times. The first time that we were supposed to meet, she said that her car tyre had punctured. After hours, she said she had to cancel. Subsequent week, she turned up and i paid her on the 1st of the 4 lessons.

In Jan before the 4th lesson was up, she informed that the fee (for the next 4 lessons) is due on the 4th lesson. She also collected a security deposit (4 lessons) on the day itself. We paid up in the trust that as a coach she would turn up for the lessons and in the trust that she would keep to her words of issuing a receipt from her school on the day of the transfer.

However, despite confirming the lesson the day before, she would cancel within 1 hour before commencement, each week a different reason. Twice something cropped up at home, grandpa is sick, grandpa passed away, she’s having fever and the final straw she thought i was on holiday, mixed up the dates and didn’t turn up without even informing! Thus, we asked to withdraw with immediate effect and full refund (unfulfilled 3 lessons and the security deposit). All we hope for is to move on from this unpleasant experience and look to having consistent lessons for our child.

Throughout, there was no MC or follow up from her at all. We had to chase from the friend who recommended. After chasing 2 months for the receipt, she sent via whatsapp in March. It was issued under Penguin Aquatics but the address and tax number belonged to another swim school after calling up both the schools. From swimming coaches’ facebook page, we found out she did the same thing back in 2015. Going by another name and using another swim school as well.

With police report and media report (zao bao online, wan bao front page 28 March 2019) I have not received the full amount. After calling up Tao Li Swimming Club where she is teaching, she said she will give and take to refund me only the security deposit but may I ask how is it fair when all we did was to turn up for lessons but got stood up repeatedly for no good reason?

I’m writing to raise awareness of such case and from the bottom of my heart I hope that no more children or parents will suffer in such distress ever. Please take note for the sake of our next generation, for your swimming community. Appreciate your time in reading, many thanks.

A very concerned parent,
Ms Lim


Here are some replies in relation to the same cheater by Singapore Swimming Teacher’s Association:

and a letter to the cheater from one of the school..

If you have any information about the said cheater, you may contact Complaint Singapore‘s group administrator or moderators, and we will assist to contact the said complainant.

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