Look Out for Hit & Run Accident Culprit!

An angry Facebook user had posted a Hit & Run accident ( with a video too! ), involving her car – SKS 6288 S, and the said errant car – SJS 8478 J, which is a black colour Honda Airwave at the open carpark of Serangoon North, on 3rd June 2019 at around 5pm.

Due to the impact, there were serious damages on complainant’s car bumper area..

Luckily, a nearby resident witnessed the accident and alerted complainant about it.

Below is the original Facebook post by Yan Lee:

Here is the video footage from complainant’s in-car camera showing the accident:

Below are some photographs showing the severe damages caused by the accident:

A note left by a nearby resident…

Here is a full text extract of the original post for easy reading:

SJS8478J Black Honda Airwave: oops! you didn’t see me..you didn’t see me.. cham… better run now….

Incident: 03 June 2019. 5pm. 
Place: open space car park in Serangoon North.

You knew you hit a vehicle SKS6288S, reversed the car the 2nd time to see the damage caused and still decided to run away. Luckily residents who witnessed the incident alerted me to it.

Damage: Bumper cracked and dislodged.

Ignore the date stamp but camera recording is still operable and valid.

PS: Police report has been filed as a hit and run case. YOU CAN RUN BUT YOU CANNOT HIDE!


Anyone with any information about the Hit & Run accident, may contact complaint at HERE.

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