Fight Over Hair Found in Bubble Tea?

What started off as a complaint against one bubble tea establishment in Singapore in Facebook, ended up in a childish fight between some Facebook users..

A Facebook user posted a complaint where she found two strands of hair inside her bubble tea bought from a local popular bubble tea shop, which she had tag the said Company in her post..

However, an unknown Facebook user started criticizing the complainant and accused her of trying to get some benefits and wants to be an attention-seeker!

Another unknown Facebook user (¬†believed to be the complainant’s husband ) then immediately reacted ( even tagging his friends to the said post to help ) and rebuked the baseless accusations.. which eventually led to a lengthy “fight” in Facebook, calling each other names, insulting and challenging each others etc..

Below is the original Facebook complaint post:

Here are the exchanges of comments by both parties:

Have our “strawberry” generation becomes more sensitive and childish, and unable to handle the slightest criticism, resulting to online spat and name-calling instead?

What do you think?

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