Motorcycle Damaged By Unknown Reason

An angry biker post on this Facebook that his motorcycle was likely hit and fell onto the ground, and lifted to an upright position subsequently..

According to him, he parked his motorcycle at Blk 123 Bukit Merah View area, and discovered there were damages all over the motorcycle, mirror attachment missing, and the rear storage was detached and left on a nearby grass verge..

Below is the original Facebook post:

Here are the photographs posted in regards to the damages..


Here is the extract from the original Facebook post:

Came down wanting to go to work and realised that someone hit my bike put it back upright and left it there. both of my mirror attachment gone. My exhaust got scratches, best is my box was left at the grass patch and my coverset came off. Please help me to share around. Just hope that someone witness this incident. And to that culprit, a big fxxx you, hope you live a miserable life.
Incident happened at 123 Bukit Merah View

Some Facebook users are quick to spot the said motorcycle was not parked in a proper parking lot.. but still, it does not give anyone the right to deliberately or accidentally bang it, and left the premise..

If you have any information pertaining to this hit & run accident, please email us at our Complaint Singapore contact form, and we will assist to contact the victim.

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