Irresponsible Helper Left Little Crying Child Alone!

A Facebook user posted she found a little girl crying alone outside Coronation Shopping Plaza yesterday (located at around Bukit Timah).

She then kept the little girl company till the return of the little girl’s domestic helper after a couple of minutes..

When the Facebook user confronted the helper on why she left the little girl all alone by herself, the helper then became defensive..

During the commotion, the helper makes no effort to comfort the crying child and hurry her to leave..

Due to the irresponsible act, the Facebook user subsequently posted the story online, hoping someone will recognize the child and alert the parents.

Within few hours, the mother of the crying child contacted the Facebook user, and the whole incident was made known to her.

The Facebook user then removed the original uncensored photograph of the crying child..

Note: All user information are masked to protect the privacy of all parties.

The said Facebook user updated her original post several times, due to some heated reactions from certain concerned groups. The post then removed the original uncensored photograph during the last update due to privacy concerns..

Do you think it is correct for the helper to leave the little child all by herself, despite knowing that Singapore is relatively a safe country?

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