Free Leftover Lamination Rolls Dumped

An anonymous complainant sent a message to our COMPLAINT SINGAPORE Facebook page, and informed us that recently, a Singapore Company was giving out free unused leftover lamination rolls, in order to clear out storage in their premise, via social media.

Most lamination rolls have lots of balance left

A greedy unknown person took up the offer and hog all the lamination rolls.

However, after collecting it, the person simply threw all the lamination rolls beside a nearby rubbish bin and left, as it is likely too heavy to carry..

The lamination rolls are found thrown at a nearby rubbish bin

The anonymous complainant felt that such inconsiderate act not only causes more work for the cleaning workers, but also contributes more waste to the environment.

Not only that, it also deprived many other users to put the rolls into good use too.
What do you think?

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