Mess Created At Seating Area Of Blk 244 Clementi Ave 5

A member of “COMPLAINT SINGAPORE” had reported to us that since 2018 at the void deck area of Blk 344 Clementi Avenue 5, right next to a staircase area, there are always rubbish left on the public sitting area, and dirtied wall are spotted nearby too.

Source: Mohamad F.S. (*full name is masked for privacy concerns)

(Left) Before the paint job; (Right) After the recent paint job

Recently the table and chairs, and the nearby wall nearby the sitting area are newly-painted, but it seems the same group of inconsiderate people are still creating the same mess and dirtied the wall as well..

Dirtied wall spotted recently despite having a new paint job

The member informed the group always meet between 4pm to 8pm everyday, and suggested to authority to install CCTV cameras at the said location to apprehend and deter such inconsiderate actions.

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