Hand Bag Containing Cash Fell Off From Moving Car – Witness Needed!

A Facebook user is appealing for witness or any party with any information of a hand bag containing few thousands dollars & some personal possession on 29th November 2020, at about 9pm to 9.45pm, nearby Woodlands Civic Centre area.

Help! Urgent… who ever passby this road between 9pm to 9.45pm 29 nov 2020 please see if there is any witness seeing…

Posted by Wawanein Shmd on Sunday, November 29, 2020

*Contact information of the owner can be found in the embedded Facebook post below, do take note this is a direct link to the original post, and may be removed by the owner without prior notice.

In the video, the said handbag can be spotted felling off from the moving car at the 0.04 mark.

According to the owner, the hand bag was accidentally left on top of the car, and when the car drove off, the said hang bag fell off the car and onto the road.

The owner is currently seeking for assistance to return the lost hang bag with the money.

Below the original text extract from the Facebook post:

#woodlandsciviccentre clutch bag missing from roof of our car on 29/11/2020 9pm to 10pm.. not found but just moving forward😊

Please help us share this around..

Ps: Probably to those that doesnt know how its missing, can check thru my fb as its public…

To Dear All, im sure u all knew about the bag that has money inside… as mention , its has about few thousand dollars that we lost .. the amount is about $10,000 in that .. we are doing business and its really a hard earn money especially at this covid period that we lost when we wanted to bank it in… from here, i would like to thank everyone for sharing, yes , police report is made .. but its just left with the miracle to happen.. maybe that is our luck .. some good things may happen … as long as god give us health, good health, we can still find other money back.. its our mistake and our carelessness but this have help us learn alot.. please help us share this around..

To whom that knows and where the money go or who have took the money..we halalkan and redha that may Allah return us with good health and gives us other way of rezeki… please use the money wisely .. maybe able to help u to settle all the debts u have.. to feed ur family or probably may help u in any ways..

At first, we do feel angry, sad , regret and just feel like we could turn the clock and make it right… but after a day past, We learnt that, in our rezeki , it could be yours .. its really hard at first to say all this, but we learn to forgive so that it won’t feel burden to us and for us to move on.. i believe out there, someone would have say, if i were the person i would handover.. thank u for being kind to help share it out…
we did not give up, but we really have to ikhlaskan and if he/she wanted to return, they would have called us as our identity is there..

May God be with u all… thank you everyone for ur effort sharing !

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