Malaysia-Registered Lorry With Unpaid Fines Of S$1,250 Driving Dangerously On Singapore Roads

An anonymous member of our “COMPLAINT SINGAPOREFacebook group, sent us a video of a Malaysia-registered lorry – JTB 9900 traveling dangerously fast on the extreme right lane of Hougang Ave 3, along a wet rainy road on 3 June 2021 at about 8.10pm.

At first, the said errant was tailgating complainant’s vehicle for a long time, however there was no rear recording video available to show the alleged act.

Complainant eventually give way to the said lorry, and spotted it started to tailgate other vehicles and driving at a dangerous speed, despite the wet road condition on a rainy day.

Source: Y.A. (*identity is masked for privacy concern)

Below is the text extract from the original complaint sent to us:

3 June 2021
Hougang Ave 3

In quite heavy rain, this foreign registered lorry was tailgating me. I moved out then he started tailgating the blue taxi very aggressively. Did a check and has unpaid fines since 2019 and totalling $1,250! No wonder they can drive like that, they are kings of Singapore roads and the authorities can’t seem to do anything! In these last few days, lorry run over a 14 year old, has unpaid fines. Another one rams into SBS bus, probably got unpaid fines as well. How come no enforcement? Terrible!

Outstanding Fines Amounting to S$1250 Was Unpaid

A quick check on Singapore’s Traffic Offence Payment System (TOPS) shows the said Malaysia-registered lorry – JTB 9900 have outstanding fine from Singapore Police Force since 2019 amounting to S$1,250.

It is unknown how this vehicle was allowed to entered into Singapore and continue to drive on our roads, without the need to settle the outstanding fines.

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