Killiney Kopitiam Failed To Have Proper Safe Management Measures

An anonymous member of our COMPLAINT SINGAPORE Facebook group, sent us videos showing the Killiney Kopitiam outlet at Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital, failed to have proper Safe Management Measures & did not conduct proper checks for diners before entering into its premise, since 10 August 2021 till today.

Source: Anonymous Member (*identity is masked for privacy concern)

Here is the original text extract of the anonymous member’s complaint:

“Hi, i wish to stay annoynmous and would like to share about an air conditioned eatery that has no safe management measures to check diners vaccination status along with allowing free seating as well.

The cafe has no safe entry measures nor perform any checks on whether diners vaccination status.

The location is at Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital (Killiney Cafe)
The current rules only permit dining in for open air /well ventilated environment.

How come if food court (which is air conditioned) need to check vaccination status before dining in and this cafe don’t need? Plus it is air conditioned as well.”

Effective 10 August 2021, according to the latest Safe Management Measures for Food & Beverages (F&B), all dine-in F&B establishments are required to appoint a designated staff to conduct relevant checks on diners entering their premises.

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