BMW 530i Car Drove Against The Flow Of Traffic Along Tembeling Road

An anonymous member of our COMPLAINT SINGAPORE Facebook group, sent us a video showing a BMW 530i dark blue car – SS 5555 H, drove against the flow of traffic along Tembeling Road on 5 July 2021 at about 8.45pm.

Despite the warnings by the complainant (in-camera vehicle) and several pedestrians, the car still proceed on and drove off in a dangerous manner, and subsequently entered a carpark nearby.

Source: Y.A. (*identity is masked for privacy concern)

Under Section 64 (1) of the Road Traffic Act (RTA) of Singapore, for driving or riding against the flow of traffic, the penalty shall be 8 demerit points and a fine of S$800, Also, as this offence is considered an act of dangerous driving or riding, police officers are empowered to arrest the dangerous driver or rider without a warrant.

Here are the original text message sent to us by the member:

5 July 2021
Tembeling Road

Stubborn driver insists on driving against traffic to enter carpark. I sounded my horn a few times and wound down my window to warn him, several pedestrians also tried to warn him but he insisted on driving against the flow of traffic, risking the pedestrians and other motorists just to enter the carpark. Report has been made.

Check on LTA Website Shows A Valid Road Tax For The Said Vehicle

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