Outrage of Modesty in MRT

A female passenger in a MRT train reported a case of outrage of modesty, whereby an unknown Chinese man placed his mobile phone under her dress, she then quickly grabbed his phone and asked the man what was he doing? The man then shown a black screen to the lady.

Not convinced, the female passenger followed the man when he alighted the train, and asked him to show her the phone as she believed he had taken her photos or videos, the man denied and told her they could go to the police if she wishes.. they then proceeded to “Station Master” office first.

On the way, the man was believed to be deleting the proof in his phone, the female passenger then quickly seek help from a man in stopping the man’s act.. Subsequently, police was at scene, and arrested the man for investigation. The smart phone was also seized by the police too.


Below are the photographs taken for the suspect by the female passenger..

Disclaimer: Everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty in a Court of law in Singapore.


This is a text extract from the said post for easy reading:

Today to an appointment, I took the train alone from Marina Bay to Somerset. Minutes within happily claiming a seat, I gave up to an elderly man at Cityhall.

I stood leaning against the glass panel next to the exit door and starting playing Candy Crush. Moments later, I saw a man walk toward my side, stop perpendicularly in front of me and drop his handkerchief an arm’s length from me. I was suddenly in alert because he did not seem to understand personal space. He then squatted in an awkward fashion and proceeded to pick his blue square up.

I was still on my phone trying to clear the gummy bears. And it was in the instant that he had squat below my waist level that I realized his phone was under my dress.

When he straightened himself up, I immediately grabbed his phone and asked him what he did. He calmly turned it over to show me the unlit screen.

I then second guessed myself and he walked out of the train.

Seconds before the door closed and sealed the situation, I dashed out and gave chase.

I caught up with him, and told him I wanted to see his phone because I think he took a picture or a video. He denied me and said we could go straight to the police. I told him we would first go to the station master. We walked.

Whilst walking, I saw him block his phone with his notebook while he was on it. I then craned my neck and realized he was in his photo gallery pressing away with.

I lost it.

I told him not to delete anything and when I did so, he started to walk away. I shouted for help and a gent in his 40’s approached us. He told me to call the police.

I did.

Fast forward to everyone gathered with the station master and the police.

Police are convinced he is guilty and seize his phone and assure me they will not let the subject go at whim. My statement is taken and I am told his confiscated phone will be sent to forensics.

***EDIT: Ladies, please be aware that ANYONE could be a predator. The subject in mention in this post, was well groomed in business pants, shoes and golf polo.***

***EDIT: Subject is not convicted yet (he deleted the photo/video- I will update this post with the verdict.

Let’s now all chortle at a couple of facts:

1. Dude called his wife down. 
2. Dude is on a work permit.


Ladies, if ever you feel outraged, know that it is your right to feel safe. Do not feel ashamed and do not fear a wrong accusation.

A wrong accusation draws an apology. But a correct one, catches a predator.

It is also not your fault that another person behaved perversely – morals belong only to self and should not be subject to circumstance.

Have a goodnight, and to all who have asked if I’m ok, answer is yes. Can’t say the same for:


Below is the smart phone belonging to the suspect, in which the female passenger suspected he was deleting the proof in it, while walking towards the “Station Master” office.


The case is still undergoing police investigation…

Ladies, be careful and aware of the surrounding situations at all times.. especially at public places!

If you suspect anyone had outraged your modesty, do not hesitate to call for help from members of public, and quickly refer such cases to the police for investigation..

Disclaimer: Everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty in a Court of law in Singapore.


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