Moudly Noodles Found From “Beauty In The Pot”

An anonymous member of our “COMPLAINT SINGAPOREFacebook group sent us some photographs to show that the noodles (La Mian – 拉面) ordered from “Beauty in the Pot  美滋锅” were mouldy.

The item was purchased from their outlet at “KINEX” located at 11 Tanjong Katong Road, #03-38, Singapore 437157, on 4 June 2021 and delivered around evening time.

The member then immediately feedback to them via both their official email address and Facebook messenger, however, they were left unanswered after many days of waiting.

Source: KT (*identity is masked for privacy concern)

Mould might produce harmful “mycotoxins” in all types of foods.

“Mycotoxins” have the potential for both acute and chronic health effects via ingestion, skin contact, inhalation, and entering the blood stream and lymphatic system.

They inhibit protein synthesis, damage macrophage systems, inhibit particle clearance of the lung, and increase sensitivity to bacterial endotoxin.

Based on the order summary provided, the said order was fulfilled by “Oddle Logisitics“, on behalf of the said merchant – “Beauty in the Pot”.

The member is hoping the said restaurant will reply them soon, as they doesn’t seem to care despite multiple attempts to get in touch with them.

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